Property  Owners Meetings  
Please make an effort to attend the meetings
at activity building that start at 11:00 am.  
The new 2023 year property owners meeting dates :

May  20,2023 
June 24,2023 (Board nominations)
July No POA meeting summer break
Aug. 26,2023 (New Board Members Election)
Sept.30,2023 Last POA Meeting for year

Board Meeting start at 10:00 am in activity building before all Property Owners Meetings.  
Board meetings start at 10:00 am in the old library when there is no Property Owners Meeting that day. 
 ​April 22,2023 [ECR Audit]    
 Oct. 14,2023

 This year like every year we will need some  volunteers to help clean up the boat ramp, surrounding area ,help weed eat & pickup trash around the park. Please check back for the date and time of clean up.
                                  Upcoming events at ECR Activity Building

​                   Nothing planned at this time, check on bulletin board .   ​
If you want to rent the activity building please contact Lynn Skirvin .
You have to be up to date on your dues before renting the ECR Activity Building